Yes Jesus!


Why I wrote this book on Obedience

I truly believe that our love for a God who has been so wonderful to each one of us can be summed up in this one word—Obedience. And, we all might have had our share of struggles with this aspect, at some point or the other in our walk with Him. Life certainly has its challenges, umpteen if I may say. It is almost as if every day brings in a new challenge while we are still dealing with the old ones. Obeying God in the midst of these challenges and seeing the fruit of it is the key to victorious living. This book is written to exhort, guide, testify, and encourage each person who has a heart to obey the Father.



  1. An Introduction to Obedience
  2. Is Jesus the Ultimate Authority in Our Lives?
  3. God’s Commands are not Burdensome
  4. Yet, a Struggle to Obey?
  5. The Basis of Our Obedience
  6. Bound to Obey—The Bondservant Concept!
  7. Our Attitude When We Obey God
  8. Inquiring of God—Part A
  9. Inquiring of God—Part B
  10. Obedience and the Concept of Testing
  11. Obeying God Even When Pain is Involved
  12. Obeying God When it Seems Opposed to Natural Reasoning
  13. Obeying God in the Midst of Danger!
  14. Obedience During Prosperity Too!
  15. Teach Your Children Obedience
  16. So, What Kind of Obedience are We to Display?
  17. Obedience is Better than Sacrifice
  18. What Standards are We to Maintain?
  19. God Knows Our Disobedience Beforehand
  20. A Call to Turn from Disobedience to Obedience
  21. In Conclusion 100


Chapter 1 : An Introduction to Obedience

It was a lovely winter morning in December 2003. The faint chill in the air and the cheer of the festive season usually gladdened my heart but this time it was different. I was lying in bed feeling lonely, sad, and exhausted. My blood pressure had dropped significantly and doctors had advised rest. Outside my window, I could hear the usual hustle and bustle of traffic and people that was typical of Mumbai city. However, in the midst of all this activity, I felt that my life had come to a standstill. I was emotionally drained and empty from within, and was well aware of the exact cause of my emotional and physical unease. I also knew that I was responsible for my situation at that point. Having been a Christian for over six years at that time, I realized that only Jesus was the answer. That was when I admitted before God that I had lost my first love for Him. I had allowed other things and selfish ambitions such as my job and other relationships to take precedence over my life. Consequently, I had ended up getting distracted and had strayed away from obeying Him.

Once I confronted the problem, confessed my sins, and turned back to God, He began dealing with me in His love and grace over the next few months. I desired to come back to my first love, and He gently drew me to Himself, nearer than ever before and taught me many lessons on obedience. Needless to say, my health was restored, my spirit was refreshed, and my mind was renewed. It was at this point that I resolved to set out on one of the most exciting journeys of my life—Obedience.

Obedience! There is so much one can say on this crucial aspect of our walk with Him. The best place to begin our journey of obedience is with the word of God itself.