On my trips to pick my five year old daughter from school, I noticed a recent development in her interactions with me. In the 20-30 minute travel time to reach home, she had a list of things she asked for as soon as I came in contact with her.

Our daughter is a wonderful child and not spoilt in that sense at all. However, she would start rattling off a non-stop list, which would have the following for instance:

Mamma, why didn’t you bring my Barbie umbrella along to pick me up? Can we go to granny’s house on the way? I am thirsty; can we stop at the shop and buy some juice? Today was a classmate’s birthday; can I have the chocolate I got, now? After we reach home, can I watch TV first? Can I see nursery rhyme videos on your phone now?

I noticed this trend being repeated on a daily basis, over a week of picking her up. So, I decided that it was essential to bring it to her notice. I had to stop and tell her that it was selfish on her part to behave like this and it was wearing me out. I explained that I did understand that she has desires and would like them to be met. However, the first thing she needed to do after her time away from home and us was to express that she valued us as her parents.

I taught her that she needed to greet me or her dad, whoever came to pick her, and say hello mamma/papa, how are you? and how was your day so far? She needed to express her love and talk about the day’s happenings. Just as we would ask her  about her day at school. She needed to converse with us more than present her non-stop list of demands. Well, the following day she did follow the same and I do hope she has got the message of having a more meaningful quality relationship with us.

Well, during my daily devotion time, God very gently brought this very thing to my notice. Isn’t this exactly how He could feel at times about us, His children? When we come into His presence, do we care to ask what is on His heart? How has it been for Him and is anything burdening Him?

We too, instead, may have our endless prayer requests and needs that we want met. And this, often, is almost to the extent of wearing Him out, just as my daughter had started doing in that span of 20 minutes. Well, some of my best learnings have come after I have become a parent. Now, I surely want to ensure that on my part when I wake up in the morning I say, “Good Morning Abba Father, I love You Lord!” Through the day I want to connect with Him and say, “How are you doing Lord? and How was your day so far? Is there anything that I can do for you and wait on You for?”

Presenting before Him a list of never ending demands is what I too am guilty of doing at times. Truly, that phase spent with my daughter on the way back home from school has taught me something valuable. I don’t want to enter His presence with my endless complaints. While we may already know it to be incorrect, being at the receiving end is an altogether different thing. With my little one, suddenly exhibiting this behaviour, I was at the receiving end. And, trust me, it does not feel good at all!

I am sure we all can evaluate our own relationship with our loving Daddy God and connect with Him selflessly, deeper every day.

God bless you abundantly,

Victorious in Christ,

Salma Bernard