Hey there, to all those friends who seem to have lost their zest or sense of excitement, this post is especially for you- Let’s bring back the zing!

So, I looked up the dictionary to see what does this cool sounding word, ‘ZING’ really mean. Here are some of the listed words: – energy, pep, spirit, gusto, passion, bounce, high, sparkle…

Now put your name in there, for instance, I asked myself, “Do I, Salma, have the sparkle, passion, spirit, energy as I wake up in the morning? Am I pepped up and in high spirits, if not all the time then at least half of the time, or say 4 days of the week, to put it more simply?

Yes, there are good days and bad days and I am not referring to that. However, is there a tendency to consistently feel down & out?  Do we wake up each day saying, “Oh gosh! Another day to get by!”

Are we discouraged, eking out a living or merely surviving? Shouldn’t we figure out just why are we living life like this? Isn’t it about time that we stop doing this to ourselves, or even allow other influences -people or circumstances, to do this to us?

Here are 3 easy steps, as simple suggestions that could help us, even as we decide, “I am important and my life is worthy of living it up!”


Identify at least one or two main causes that are weighing you down. For instance, is it an unending to – do list which leaves you with no time for self?  That could mean a lot is being packed into one single day and it is just not practical. Maybe, it is too much dependence for our happiness on someone. Then when they let us down or don’t meet our expectations, we end up feeling down and out. This clearly means the very source that we are depending on for our happiness is wrong.

At work or in our business are there unrealistic goals that we are setting, which are not really attainable to start with? Or, perhaps a draining and undeserving relationship you are pursuing that is just one sided and you are not being valued.  Sometimes it can even be holding on to the past- filled bitterness and anger, the lack of realizing the need for being content, wallowing in self pity, unhappy & making excuses, then we need to shake it off, look ahead & let go!!!!!


Start by saying NO, when you have to! Trust me, it’s not a taboo word. Mothers are there things you are doing which your children can actually do by themselves?  Cut down that list of endless jobs and responsibilities you are shouldering. It’s okay to not be a superman or superwoman. Because nothing is worth it, at the cost of your health, peace of mind and happiness.

Are we being the perfectionists, worried to delegate stuff, just loading ourselves? Then let’s stop doing so. Your organization will certainly not shut down if you were to take a pause and evaluate what you are doing and how it can be done be in a better manner.  Can you not (submissively & not rebelliously) say, “No”, to your boss for something unreasonable set before you? Stop hanging around late at work, only because of a guilt factor someone else is imposing on you.

Whatever be our occupation and status i.e. married, single, employee, professional, business person, student, daughter, mother, father, leader  be it anyone, there is always a need, scope and possibility of doing things better, for more productivity and less burden on self. Can we work smart- the effective versus just efficient way?


This is such a crucial and yet one of the most neglected aspects of our lives. We need to love, encourage and appreciate ourselves a lot more. Taking little steps such as, doing one thing a week that makes you happy is a great way to pep yourself. Fix a day when you actually make an appointment with yourself. Maybe you can just take  a 2 hour off or half a day to do what you want– a trek or nature trail, window shopping, coffee with a friend, a movie, a walk on the beach or by a river or anywhere,  we have enough places and options around, if we really look out for them.  Take time to find out what relaxes your mind and makes you feel good. It is your life isn’t it and 2 hours a week for yourself, no one should or would grudge.

If you & I don’t begin to love and value ourselves, we are insulting our very existence. And, how then will anyone else value us? Life is short and you are valuable, let’s live it up and ‘Bring Back the Zing!’


Listed above are just some instances and their solutions. The one or two main causes to be identified by taking a pause and thinking it through, is going to be personal to each one of us. And, till we don’t make it a practice to pause, identify them and take corrective steps, friends, we could just go on in life feeling miserable.  It is not a one – time thing but a practice we need to follow regularly.

Here are a few lines that I have coined, and I am penning them down as they come to my mind:

“My life is worthy, my dreams I will pursue,
But it’s about time I valued myself, now how about you?
If the answer is Yes, then, don’t just read & do nothing,
Take the 3 simple steps above, get up, and bring back the Zing!” 

P.S. – I just fixed a coffee date for the weekend, with my close friend, something that I know helps me unwind and bring back the zing! Now, what’s your plan, go ahead and fix it!

With all my heart,

Salma Bernard


3 Responses

  • Archana
    Apr 26, 2017

    Salma , I can fully relate to this . In the hustle bustle of life … the zing just disappears … to my mind point no 3 is a must do .

    Archana Apr 26, 2017
  • Becky Pearson
    Apr 26, 2017


    Becky Pearson here. This has been so encouraging. I asked myself a similar question a while back and the answer was “no”. I’ve been actively since then pursuing the “zing” as you so well described it.

    Thanks for sharing and keep these coming. They are encouraging.

    Becky Pearson.

    Becky Pearson Apr 26, 2017
  • Marcelino Coelho
    Apr 26, 2017

    Gonna wake up tomorrow, smile and wish myself a happy zingy morning! Thanks for making my day (tomorrow) already!! 🙂

    Marcelino Coelho Apr 26, 2017