I truly believe that our love for God who has been so wonderful to each one of us can be summed up in this one word—Obedience. And, we all might have had our share of struggles with this aspect, at some point or the other in our walk with Him. Life certainly has its challenges, umpteen if I may say so. It is almost as if every day brings in new challenges while we are still dealing with the old ones. Obeying God in the midst of these challenges, and seeing the fruit of it is the key to victorious living. This book is written to testify, exhort and guide each person who has a heart to obey the Father.

Besides being led by God, I felt compelled to write on obedience. Not because I have passed every test of obedience with flying colors but because of a sincerity of wanting to do so. Instances from my life are stated not to boast in the flesh but to glorify God as it was in His grace and love that I could do so. Also, I cannot write on a subject such as Obedience if I have no testimony and instances of the same to share from my own life. One has to first practice a value, before sharing it with others and motivating them to do so.

His grace has seen us this far and will see us through. What we do need, however, is a heart that is inclined to obey the Master at any cost. And, this is the key to victorious Christian living!