Table of Contents

1. An Introduction to Obedience

2. Is Jesus the Ultimate Authority in Our Lives?

3. God’s Commands are not Burdensome

4. Yet, a Struggle to Obey?

5. The Basis of Our Obedience

6. Bound to Obey—The Bondservant Concept!

7. Our Attitude When We Obey God

8. Inquiring of God—Part A

9. Inquiring of God—Part B

10. Obedience and the Concept of Testing

11. Obeying God Even When Pain is Involved

12. Obeying God When it Seems Opposed to Natural Reasoning

13. Obeying God in the Midst of Danger!

14. Obedience During Prosperity Too!

15. Teach Your Children Obedience

16. So, What Kind of Obedience are We to Display?

17. Obedience is Better than Sacrifice

18. What Standards are We to Maintain?

19. God Knows Our Disobedience Beforehand

20. A Call to Turn from Disobedience to Obedience

21. In Conclusion