Mine is a simple, yet impactful story of inside-out transformation; a challenging and exciting journey from insecurity to confidence. Until not so long ago, my mind was conditioned to see the glass half-empty rather than half- full. When I came to this fast paced city that never sleeps, Mumbai, from a secure environment of a small-town sheltered life; it was like being thrown into the deep end of a pool. There was one additional issue — I didn’t know how to swim! I had a choice — kick my legs and stay afloat; or give up and drown.

Today, my story is different and the script has changed because of the choice I made to be an overcomer. Hence, this journey I embarked on, of being a transformation coach, soft skills trainer & image enhancer is a personal one for me — to empower people to be the best version of themselves. In the process, I also continue to learn as a student of life, forever! A trainer is one of the hats that I adorn, besides several other roles played in my family — that of a friend, a writer and an entrepreneur to name a few.


My passion is to see people live up to their full potential, which stems from this relentless belief that we are meant to live life victoriously. We are born with talents and an amazing destiny that is waiting to unfold. All one needs is some handholding, guidance and journeying together for a season — from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’ is the idea! When giving one’s best in every role they play, they are also learning how not to strive, and while doing so, enjoy the process.

As leaders, team members, homemakers, professionals, students, parents — the deal is to have the outlook of an overcomer and the attitude of a winner. This is not just about an external ‘fake it till you make it’ method, but one that stems from deep within — an internal recognition of one’s potential,  purpose and self-worth. Chin up, chest high and take the world in your stride, people! That’s the contagious passion I work on passing on.


My biggest achievements are clearly the strength, tenacity and resilience that I have built over the years to keep persevering as an overcomer. The ability to train, equip, & build people by bringing out the best in them is a feeling of pride that I cherish every single day of my life.

My greatest laurel, however, is finding my worth and self-confidence that is clearly reflected through the audiences I have addressed as a trainer, coach, anchor and facilitator over the years. From having a fear of speaking to even one person confidently to speaking to crowds of hundreds and thousands with great ease, my journey has been an interesting one. Every life that I have been able to impact and transform to believe in themselves through personal one-on-one coaching or group training across organisations, companies, NGOs & educational institutions is an achievement I own with great pride.


Masters Degree

I hold a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and over a decade of Professional Experience at Star TV (Mumbai, India) & American Express (Singapore) has helped give immense insight into corporate culture and working with people and teams.

Marketing Consultant

I also have experience as a Marketing Consultant over the years to companies such as Kainos Studios, Skypass Travel & Media, Expat Properties & Media Division. All of these roles contributed greatly to the strategic leadership and communication experience that I gained.

Certified Soft Skills Trainer

I’m a Certified Soft Skills Trainer ( SQA- ICBI) and Image Enhancer (ICMI) with an 83% at NABET certified Train the Trainer (TTT) Program. I’ve also done Public Speaking from Indo-American Public Speaking Institute and pursued training and coaching as a passion.