Salma Bernard resides in India with her husband, Steven, and their five-year-old daughter, Sharayah. She completed her Masters in Business Administration after which she worked in the field of Marketing with a leading media house in India as well as with a multinational bank in Singapore.

Currently, she is fulfilling her role as a mother and assists her husband, a film editor, in his work. Her journey from a small-town girl, who lacked self-confidence, to a successful young woman in every area of her life is truly encouraging.

She is a firm believer in Jesus Christ for over eighteen years and has been serving in the worship and intercession ministry. She truly believes that our love for God can be summed up in one single word—Obedience!

Obedience is something that we all may have struggled with at some point in our walk with God. Salma wrote the book to testify, exhort and guide each person who has a heart to obey the Father. Here is what she has to say, “Besides being led by God, I felt truly compelled to write on obedience. Not because I have passed every test of obedience with flying colors but because of a sincerity of wanting to do so.”

In the book, Yes Sir! Jesus…Obedience, Salma shares from the Bible as well as real life experiences about this journey of obedience that the Lord Jesus has called us to walk in.