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“From Insecurity to Confidence…
A Journey of Obedience!”

This book is written to testify, exhort and guide each person who has a heart to obey the Father.

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Living Victoriously

If one were to conduct an opinion poll asking people to choose between wanting to be a winner or a loser, surely none would want to opt for being a loser. Even as little children when we played a game with our friends we always wanted to be the winner or on the side of the wining team.

Today, too as adults am sure that desire to be victorious has not changed. Well, life is always about making choices. And, we have the power to be a winner basis making the right choices. Victorious living is living life on a daily basis with peace, joy, contentment and being able to overcome the challenges that come our way. And, the key to living victoriously is our Obedience to God!

The Book

  • Are you seeking a job, financial, marriage, child or any other breakthrough? Do you want to see it come through God’s way?
  • Is it practical, possible and benefitting to obey God in today’s pragmatic world?
  • Why is God testing me? What next?

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    The Author


    Salma Bernard resides in India with her husband, Steven, and their five-year-old daughter, Sharayah. She completed her Masters in Business Administration after which she worked in the field of Marketing with a leading media house in India as well as with a multinational bank in Singapore.

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